“What makes Blue Millennial’s marketing strategy different is that we are focused on building successful relationships with both our clients and our employees. Trust is our highest value, and our business model allows customers and clients to vote with their wallet on a daily basis” – Khalil Verdell, President and CEO

What We Do

Blue Millennial works alongside fortune 100 clients focusing on developing effective leaders and driving business performance through training, coaching, and consulting.

We focus on high-level customer service, sales, strengthening team dynamics, and marketing for our clients and we also provide management opportunities for every one of our employees.

The Retail Experience

We believe hands-on experience is the best way to learn and develop high performance managers. So, we have partnered with clients to work directly with the consumer base helping to bridge the gap between products, services, and unique marketing campaigns.

Why Work for Blue Millennial?

Just about every candidate we sit down with has a story about their previous work experience. What we typically hear are candidates who feel stifled or bored in their current positions; sometimes it's just not enough money, they got looked over and passed up, or they don’t get the attention they need. In short, we've heard just about every circumstance.

One of the reasons we have such a huge following and interest is because we have an intense focus on employee development - no matter the experience or background. We take great pride in how much personal attention each employee receives.

Top Reviews and High Ratings

It’s no secret that we are among the highest rated consulting companies. That’s precisely because we have a culture that has been built on respect between employees and upper management. Employees find that if they have the passion and commitment, within the year, they are given management opportunities working directly with our clients. Integrity is a large part of who we are, and while no business is perfect, we are always working to improve.

The Office Experience

Our employees meet at our office location where they learn to sharpen their business skills - developing in areas such as image and professionalism, profitability, customer service and communication, time management, leadership, performance consistency and goal setting.

One of the first things people notice about our office is our attention to diversity, art, business minds and professionalism, positive attitudes, and a culture that is specifically designed for growth, both personally and professionally.

The mornings are filled with dynamic meetings, coffee, breakfasts, music, role playing, and lots of one-on-one training.

Cultivating the Best Culture

Everywhere from donating to breast cancer foundations to discussions about work and home balance, to finding smart business solutions, we work to enrich our company with strong core values of respect, hard work, diversity, and growth.

We know that our company is best reflected in the character of our people. So needless to say, integrity and good character are at the forefront of everything we do. Our team-building exercises, meetings, and discussions all push to engage more, to learn more, and ultimately to develop more.


We have a competitive pay structure that can range from hourly to salaried, as well as competitive weekly bonuses for every employee with our firm. Earning potential is uncapped and always based on performance. Once qualified to manage one or more of our clients, salaries often times double and triple.

The Interview Process

We have two-part interview process where we examine the qualifications of a candidates and select the individual(s) we feel best contributes to a culture our hard work, dedication, and humility to our clients.

The First Interview

The first interview we conduct is an assessment of character, skills, experience, image and professionalism and goals. We like to get to know the people we are interviewing on a professional level first. Building longstanding relationships requires much more than just reviewing a resume.

The interviewer explains the overview of the company, our goals, and some general details about the positions the applicant is being considered for.

If the applicant successfully passes the first interview, he or she will be invited back for a much more detailed second interview.

The Second Interview

The second interview goes into much more detail about the day-to-day, compensation, benefits, hours, and all relevant information before making a hiring decision. We are major advocates of transparency so we encourage candidates to ask the questions they need answers to so we can determine if working together will be mutually beneficial.


The Ideal Candidate

The ideal candidate is someone who is focused on growth both personally and professionally. We love candidates who can show a strong desire to learn and master the art of managing others while balancing that responsibility with providing amazing customer service and communication skills to our clients. We are looking for individuals who have a great work ethic, always positive, and strong ethical standards. Energy and enthusiasm are two big pieces to the marketing world. We love to see big smiles and hear confident voices

Diversity and Equal Opportunity

At Blue Millennial, we believe diversity and inclusion at all levels is critical to the success of any business. A diverse workforce gives us the unique perspectives we need to build the most effective relationships with customers and clients. It's also vital to strengthening our organization. Delivering the best customer experience, giving back to our communities, winning as a team, and attracting and retaining top talent are all products of having a diverse and dynamic team.

And when it comes to equal pay and equal treatment, we believe there is no other way of doing business. This is a merit-based business. Which means we promote and reward based on the quality of the work performed.

Ethics, Values, and Integrity

Cultivating a respectful workplace, ensuring we are honoring our core values, and operating with the utmost integrity our foundational. Every employee, managers, executives, client representatives alike, all must operate with the greatest levels of character.

Driving Competition

If there is one thing every professional understands, it's that the best results come from driving competition. Sometimes, we compete with others. Sometimes we compete with ourselves. But at all times, we compete.

For us, it not just about being #1. It's about working hard to make today better than the day before. Competition has a unique way of bringing out our best time and time again!

About Us

Founded in August 2014, Blue Millennial is one of Maryland’s fastest growing marketing, management, and consultant firms working with some of the largest retailers and well-known technology giants in the world. We have a dual focus; one being the clients and partners we service; and two, our employees.

We take employees through a unique development process and promote them into management positions with our clients. We have several branches in the area managed by individuals who were developed internally and promoted through our office. These individuals take on marketing campaigns working with an extensive client base and generate tremendous revenue and longstanding careers.

Our Core Focuses

Team Development

Transform team dynamics, strengthen working relationships and re-energize your people through an engaging team-building workshop experiences.

Leadership Training

The most influential factor in employee performance is the employee-supervisor relationship. Ensure your managers are equipped to lead effectively.


Partner with a professional coach to gain fresh insight, develop new skills, overcome roadblocks and achieve your goals. Unlock your full potential and better serve others.


Healthy organizations deliver strong business results. Partner with us to evaluate overall employee engagement or for advising in a specific area of talent management.

Management Training Program

Too good to be true (but it is…)

Growth and opportunity are the backbone of our business and therefore the most important aspect of a career with Blue Millennial is the management training program.

100% Promotion From Within

Establish a company culture that nurtures talent and promotes high-performing employees on the basis of merit.

Unlimited Growth Potential

Every person in our organization, no matter their background, has an amazing potential for growth and change.

High Earning Potential

Our employees experience an environment where their earning potential is uncapped with base hourly pay and salaried options for every qualified candidate.

Health and Travel

YMCA and LA fitness Membership reimbursement for every Corporate Trainer, meal reimbursement for new parents, paid hotel stays and flight compensation

Fortune 500 Clients

Our portfolio has expanded to the leaders in home entertainment and we represent them inside the biggest retailers in the world.

Merit Based Promotions

Our merit-based program provides our employees with incentives and the ability to receive promotions without favoritism.

Competitive Atmosphere

Growth comes out of a healthy, competitive atmosphere, not trying to choose a particular path forward.


Free snacks and drinks, trips, concerts, contests, and events, weekend pet friendly R&R events

“Our perspective determines our actions, and our actions determine our results. If we want to change our situation, we must first change the way we think about our situation.”

If you are talented, highly motivated, hardworking, and passionate about your career growth then apply to join our team!

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