Blue Millennial: A Great Place for New Graduates!

One of the most common challenges new graduates face, especially during the unprecedented pandemic of 2020, a politically charged atmosphere, and a let’s say, a less-than-stable economy, is adapting to Zoom and other video conferencing platforms to apply, interview, and even conduct work. It’s become increasingly difficult within an unstable job market to find a place that is both challenging and rewarding and pays well enough to meet and/or exceed the increasing cost of living expenses. Especially if college gave you some knowledge, but like many other college students we’ve spoken with, not having the necessary skills needed to earn well… enough.

Enter the Blue Millennial Organization.

Here are some stats to consider:

  • Roughly 53% of the organization is made up of women. Wouldn’t it be great if every company gave equal opportunity?
  • There are over 20 different nationalities represented within their community. Talk about diversity.
  • Entry-Level representatives are making a base pay of $31,200. However, that number is misleading. Over 65% of entry-level representatives are making upwards of $52,000; 20% are making over $65,000. Now compare that with the average American household income of $54,000 and you start to see that there is something special going here.

Dig deeper and let’s say you’re granted an interview, or even better, a new job; you’ll quickly learn what drives their massive growth. And honestly, it makes total sense. Rather than focus on just doing the job, they focus on developing skills ranging from generating profit and money-management, to image and professionalism, to conducting health and wellness classes on the weekend. They focus on your goals, your communication skills, and your ability to coach and develop others. And wait for it... they pay you learn it! Now imagine being paid to go to school and getting paid more based on the grades you get. And when you graduate, you were offered a 6-figure promotion and your own office to run.

That’s why we say this is a no brainer. While marketing and management may not exactly be your passion, we definitely recommend seeing if the culture and opportunity are right for you.

Best of Luck!